Primary and Prep Schools

For our younger pupils sometimes it is the first time they have been abroad without their parents. Special care is taken not to overload the program and allow for rest time.

Homemade Snacks
Aafter skiing snack are homemade cakes and biscuits are provided for the younger children after a hard day up the mountain.

Educational Apres ski is available for all groups, but it works really well with the years 5 to 8. Find out about how avalanches work, visit the piste bashers or snow making factory .

Ski Connections have put in place a Mountain Code of Conduct to help develop independence, confidence and consideration of others. Please see our teachers corner for more information.

Snow Life Awards .Ski Connections Connections has the possibility of giving your children Snow Life Awards instead of our Ski Connections Medals.
(Please see Snow Life Awards in the teacher’s section)

Food is a very important part of your holiday. When children are on a pic nic lunch we offer the opportunity for them to make their own sandwiches with the Hotel staff. They choose what they want to eat so they have a better chance of eating it. Equally on certain nights, they prepare the food with the help of the kitchen staff.

Secondary Schools and Colleges

Your ski and Snowboard Trip can be combined with just about any educational contents you wish.
French Lanuage, Environmental Studies, History, Geography, PE.

We are happen to assess for The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or GSCE/ A level PE.

In your School Trip you can try out different snowsport disciplines – Snowboarding, Telemarking, or Ski Mountaineering.

For more advanced skiers we can organise timed races, dual slalom or a slope style.

Serre Chevalier has a wide range of Apres Skiing Activities for School Groups.
Bowling, Hot Baths, Ice Hockey Matches, Ice Skating